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5 Best Website Traffic Sources

Once you have a squeeze page or any kind of website set up (and if you don’t, I recommend you do that first!), it’s time to get some traffic (‘visitors’) to your website.

After all, traffic generation is the lifeblood of any business. If you have zero traffic, you have zero money.

And to clear up a big myth – just because you have a website online, it doesn’t mean you’ll start getting visitors automatically.

To start making money online, you need to actively be in front of your prospects to attract them to your website.

In other words – in the beginning, you need to “push” traffic to your website using the best website traffic sources available to you…

… but when you start to get more customers, everything will ‘snowball’ and get a lot easier for you to make money.

Then it’ll become more of a “pull” strategy (this is where you sit back and relax!)

There are a ton of traffic generation strategies out there – some bad, some good – but here are the 5 best website traffic sources I’ve found in my time in the Internet Marketing industry…

1) Forum Marketing

Forums are a great place to share opinions and meet people with similar interests to you.

(In fact, they’re so great that you need to be careful not to spend too much time browsing them!)

But that’s not all forums are great for…

Forums are also pretty good at getting traffic to your website!

To make this method work, just find a popular forum in your niche using Google, place a link to your website (or squeeze page) in your forum signature, which says something like “Click Here To Download [Whatever Your Free Gift Is] For 100% Free!”.

Then all you need to do is reply to posts on the forum and add value to the conversation (don’t spam!)

If people like what you write in your replies, they’ll click on your link in your forum signature and visit your website.

Best of all, this is 100% free… So no excuses! 😀

2) Search Engine Traffic (SEO)

Although this method usually takes a bit longer to get traffic than the other strategies, the returns are simply amazing.

… And right now, traffic from search engines is probably my BEST website traffic source.

Not only is there a LOT of it, but it’s also 100% free, and the visitors are of high quality (meaning you get more subscribers, make more sales, and generally get a lot more results!)

To get traffic from search engines, first you need to figure out which keywords you’ll be getting ranked in Google for.

(You can use the Google Keyword Tool to see how often certain keywords are searched for)

Once you have a small list of related keywords, optimize your website’s content for them.

This includes a lot of technical stuff like having relevant META tags, Heading tags, and creating content based around the keywords – but luckily, plugins like the “All In One SEO Pack” make SEO a lot easier, if you’re using WordPress.

Then just build high quality one-way links to your website, being careful not to overdo it.

(Remember to stay in line with Google’s Terms Of Service, folks…)

Once you start getting traffic from search engines, you’ll never look back!

3) Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you have a small budget available, this is one of the fastest ways to get website traffic.

The most popular of these PPC services are Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Facebook Advertising.

The method involves featuring your advert in the search results (and/or other people’s websites), and you pay a small fee per click.

The fee can range anywhere from $0.05 to $1.00 per click, and even $10.00 per click, depending on the competition – so it’s best to do this in smaller niches or for keywords which aren’t extremely competitive.

However, it’s easy to get burned very quickly with this traffic source, so don’t get started in PPC unless you have a big budget and do a lot of research first.

… Although, if you do it right, it can often make you enough money to retire you for life!

4) Ad Swaps

This is a great traffic source a lot of people use every day in the Internet Marketing niche.

It’s 100% free, and involves finding someone with the same list size as you, who is willing to set up a date and time to promote each other’s stuff.

Or in other words, you promote each other’s stuff on a set date and time.

There are services which help you find these people, such as

But obviously you can’t do this if you don’t have a list already, so if that’s the case, I’d recommend starting with the other traffic sources I’ve mentioned in this blog post.

And if you do have a list, this often brings in a ton of new subscribers and customers every time, so it’s well worth trying it (if you haven’t already!)

5) Solo Ads

There’s one inconvenience with doing Ad Swaps…

You need to mail out to your list if you want some traffic in return.

… However, Solo Ads solve this problem.

With solo ads, you buy traffic sent from other people’s mailing lists (known as ‘clicks’) in bulk.

No, this isn’t one of those scammy “send your email to millions of targeted opt-in email subscribers” services (don’t use them!)

Instead, approach people with big websites in your niche, and ask them if they have an email newsletter, and if you can pay them to be featured in it.

It’s usually based on the amount of visitors (or ‘clicks’) you receive – 250 clicks ($75), 500 clicks ($150), 1000 clicks ($300), or more!

When you pay the fee, they’ll send a promotion to their list promoting your free offer, sending traffic to your squeeze page.

In the Internet Marketing niche, this is easy (just approach people with big lists!), but in smaller niches, it’s best to use the other traffic sources I’ve outlined in this post.

This is personally my second best website traffic source EVER – as the traffic often works out a LOT cheaper than Pay-Per-Click traffic, and the subscribers are often a lot more pre-qualified to take action when they reach your website.

So take action on at least one of these 5 best traffic sources, and leave a comment below with how you get on! 🙂

Talk soon!
- James.

P.S. Have you used any of these traffic sources before? Leave a comment below to share your experiences!

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