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The Best Customer Service Software?

When you're starting and running an online business, there are two important areas you have to focus on:

  1. Making the sale.
  2. Keeping the sale.

Over the last 11+ years of running several six figure online businesses, I've learned that keeping the sale is 10X harder without good customer service in place.

Your customers need somewhere to send their questions, and relying on email with the ever-increasing strict spam filters nowadays isn't going to cut it. We've lost a ton of customers this way and it really sucks.

Not only that, but good customer service can help you make the sale in the first place, too. All it takes is answering a potential buyer's question and they'll often buy right away when they realize your solution is right for them.

(Yes, we've made $3,000 and even $20,000 sales this way.)

But what is the best customer service software to help you do this?

There are plenty of solutions on the market like ZenDesk, but these often come with a hefty price tag - which is less than ideal when you're just getting started.

Then there are the free options like HESK, but these look SO old and outdated they would make your grandma blush.

Thankfully I recently discovered a brand new FREE help desk support software that really impressed me, and thought it would be valuable to share it with my subscribers.

UPDATE: 4 days after publishing this review, they changed their pricing model to a free 14 day trial for a paid monthly subscription, instead of the "freemium" model. Congrats to those who got in before the pricing model change! (Psst, that's another benefit for being one of my subscribers 😉 )

Oh, and I don't earn any commissions from recommending this to you. We've just been using it for our clients' businesses lately and feel it's so good that everybody should use it.

Here's a video showing you how it works and how easy it is to set it up...

As you can see, the design is flawless. It's modern, clean, and looks super professional.

You can customize pretty much anything inside it in a way that doesn't require HTML or web design knowledge like other solutions.

Only one small quibble here... I do wish they'd include a color picker for the colors instead of having to find the hex code yourself via Google, but the software is still in its infancy and I'm sure that'll come with the next update.

In terms of the functionality, it includes four main areas:

1) Knowledge Base

This is where you can submit articles to be shown on your helpdesk's home page (to avoid getting repeat questions from customers).

In our business, we add articles about where people can get their login information for the products they've purchased, how to reset their password, info about our guarantees, persuasive articles to overcome common objections, and similar.

Tip: Notice here how we're not just helping existing customers, but also persuading prospects sitting on the fence. It's a sales machine, too!

Adding articles like this drastically cut down the amount of support queries we received, as customers could help themselves within a matter of minutes, instead of having to wait for a response from us.

2) Support Tickets

For any queries that can't be solved from reading the articles within your knowledge base, the customer/prospect will submit a support ticket to you using this feature.

Think of it like a private message to you or your company in a more professional way than Facebook or similar.

You're able to receive tickets via a contact form, a specific email address (i.e. all emails to this address will automatically be converted to a support ticket), a chat widget for your website, and via Facebook private messages and posts on your page.

They're all displayed in one dedicated area where you can respond to them in a few clicks, assign a priority and add a label to each. This makes it a lot easier to keep everything organized.

3) Call Center

This feature allows you to handle calls in a structured and organized way.

If you have customers calling you or your customer service agents directly, there is often very little record of the phone call and no follow-up process in place to ensure the problem was dealt with in a satisfactory way.

But when you add a phone line to this area, you can see the calls held in a queue and manage them more effectively.

For example, you're able to see the average waiting time, how many calls are currently in progress, and more.

If you're a beginner, you probably won't need this feature and will be happy with the knowledge base and support ticket features. However it's always there if you want it in the future.

4) Insights

This area analyzes your tickets and communication with your prospects and customers, and shows you analytics about them.

For example, there's a section called "Top Issues", which is a goldmine for improving your products, adding new knowledge base articles, and knowing your customers better to become more targeted with your marketing and advertising.

There's also an area which shows you how long it takes to respond to customer queries on average, which is great for improving your customer service in general.

On top of these above 4 features, everything is highly SEO optimized, which is a great side benefit.

There are a few completely optional features for the more advanced marketers which require a monthly payment, such as being able to have the helpdesk on your own domain, remove the (non-intrusive) "created with" type banner at the bottom of the helpdesk, and similar. But this upgrade is completely optional and are only necessary if you're hitting above $5k profit per month or so.

Now these features are great... But when a software has a lot of features, it usually means it can be fairly complicated to use.

That's where Wix Answers really saves the day.

They've used their click-to-edit technology from their website builder to make this helpdesk SUPER easy to use.

You can see in the video above that I was able to set up the helpdesk in a matter of minutes, instead of spending hours (or even days!) customizing it to how I'd like.

So if you're complete technophobe, this will be a breeze for you.

In summary, Wix Answers is the customer service solution I wish I had 11 years ago when I first got started, as I'd still be using it today.

Go ahead and grab it. It has a free trial, and will help you to close more sales, reduce refunds and increase repeat purchases.

Let me know what you think 🙂

- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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