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The Difference Between CTR (All) & CTR (Link) In Your Facebook Ad Statistics (Traffic Tuesdays, Episode 8)

Ever wondered what the difference is between "CTR (All)" and "CTR (Link Click-Through Rate)" in your Facebook Ad statistics?

It's actually a crucial factor in optimizing your Facebook Ad campaigns to maximize your profit, so I reveal everything you need to know about them - and target statistics to aim for - in this new episode.

How To Scale Your Daily Budget Without Ruining Your ROI (Traffic Tuesdays - Episode 4)

Welcome to another episode of Traffic Tuesdays!

Ever had a Facebook Ads campaign that was working well, but your results went out the window when increasing the daily budget?

This often happens due to a "behind the scenes" part of Facebook's algorithm not knowing the best way to move forward at these higher daily budgets.

So here's a cool trick to overcome this, so you can to scale your campaign without ruining your ROI.

Let's get started...

How To Show Your Profit Directly Within Your Facebook Ads Account (Traffic Tuesdays - Episode 2)

In this free training video, I'll reveal how to show your profit and ROI within your Facebook Ads account.

This way, you're no longer throwing your money into a black hole and hoping for the best, because you can see which ads are making a profit on your ad spend and which aren't. Then you just drop the losers and scale the winners.

Let's get started...