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IGNITE: Episode One - Miami, FL, USA

People always ask me...

"James, what is it like to have that online business lifestyle that everyone talks about?"

Well instead of me just telling you about it, I thought I'd show you in this web documentary.

You'll be following along with my girlfriend and I's vacation around the world, and at the same time, I'll be launching an international best-selling book.

So is it really possible to see success while having fun? Let's find out!

Here's episode one...

Experiment Results: Professional VS Amateur (Which Won?)

So I recently wrote an ad for my new book Ignition. It was all written text, and an amateur-looking image.

In it, I outlined a 3-step exercise to help people discover their perfect niche for their online business.

It was working pretty well, acquiring new customers at break even on the first run-through of testing. However, I wondered if turning this tutorial-like post into an entertaining video would work better.

So I came up with a video.

But which worked better?