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The Great Social Media Armageddon

So yesterday you'll probably know that Facebook, Instagram and some other social media sites were having problems most of the day.

Pages weren't loading. Replies weren't posting. Ads weren't showing.

For the average marketer, this was a hell hole which had a massive impact on their bottom line.

But for smart marketers like those in the Digital Prosperity community, this didn't really affect us too much at all.

Here's why...

How To Profit From Black Friday (Plus Free Templates!)

Black Friday! The time of year when people go crazy and buy everything they can get their hands on 🤪

Last year, consumers spent over $7.9 billion in online purchases on Black Friday...

But how do you get a slice of that action in YOUR online business?

Watch this free live stream where I'll give you 3 "fill in the blanks" templates (no opt-in required) to send to your email list and/or social media followers, along with my tried and tested ways to profit this Black Friday - or any other special occasion!

The Best Customer Service Software?

When you're starting and running an online business, there are two important areas you have to focus on:

1) Making the sale.
2) Keeping the sale.

Over the last 11+ years of running several six figure online businesses, I've learned that keeping the sale is 10X harder without good customer service in place.

Your customers need somewhere to send their questions, and relying on email with the ever-increasing strict spam filters nowadays isn't going to cut it.

Not only that, but good customer service can help you make the sale in the first place, too. All is takes is answering a potential buyer's question and they'll often buy right away when they realize your solution is right for them.

(Yes, we've made $3,000 and even $20,000 sales this way.)

But what is the best customer service software to help you do this?