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Are Solo Ads DEAD?

Recently there has been a lot of talk from marketers about the results from solo ads being so low that it's almost impossible to make a profit. Maybe you've even experienced the same thing!

So are solo ads dead? Here's the truth...

If you think about it logically, a solo ad is simply a method to put your offer in front of people in the same niche as you.

Granted, there are some vendors who don't understand what the phrase "solo ad" means and will send traffic to your link from less-than-ideal places, including the "PS" section of an email with zero pre-sell copy, exit pages, "free bonus" links or banners, and similar - and there lies the difference.

If you get traffic from a solo ad seller (or "vendor") who does everything ethically and as promised, the traffic will NOT be the problem.

In this case, your sales funnel doesn't convert well enough as a whole to make a profit from the traffic you receive.

That's YOUR fault, not the solo ad vendor's fault.

After all, it's your sales funnel which is responsible for 80% of the results you get from your traffic (with the remaining 20% coming from the traffic quality itself).

To fix this, you need to analyze your sales funnel statistics and make improvements on the failing elements so your offer becomes much more compelling to your audience.

However, if you get traffic from somebody who is playing the system to deliver as many clicks as possible by sacrificing quality, the traffic IS the problem.

In this case, you need to write down their name somewhere safe (I use a spreadsheet) so you know not to buy traffic from them again in the future.

But how do you tell the difference?

When I buy solo ad traffic, I always buy from more than one person at a time. I usually buy from somebody I've bought from at least one month ago and had good results with (this is our "control"), then buy from at least one other person - but usually up to four more at any one time.

(This should be reduced to two people at any one time if you're just getting started with testing your sales funnel's conversion rates.)

Then, you compare the results from the NEW solo ad vendor to the control, and if the results are vastly different (i.e. less than half), you know something is seriously wrong with their traffic.

So in short, solo ads are still alive and kicking in every niche - but only if you buy from the right people who actually send their traffic from the correct sources.

If this is the case and you STILL aren't at least breaking even on your advertising spend, your sales funnel doesn't convert well enough, meaning you need to make your offer(s) more compelling to people.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi James,

    I've bought my fare share of solo ads from different solo ad providers, and what you say about reputation is a true word.
    Buying from unknown marketers with an irresistible offer ends up with a lot of clicks, no sales, and subscribers who never pick up there free gift. Also they are unresponsive when sending them an email, and usually unsubscribe within days of weeks.

    I've learned my lesson, and now go to the more established solo ad providers. I also use your solo ad rolodex as a guide.

    - Frank

  2. Well said James, I have long thought that the herd mentality of everyone building a list to sell solo ads to others would just result in disaster.

    Like you said it is about having a control and being able to trust the vendor and look at overall sales and quality rather than just front end conversions.


  3. Hi James,

    Thanks for this article I haven't yet use solo ads yet but I do agree with you regarding a good sales funnel that converts is a must, but I do believe everything should be taken in step by step approach.

    So James I know that in the near future I'll be using your advise. Have a nice day.


  4. That's a great observation, James.

    With the recent surge of "fad hunters," it's harder than ever to find reputable solo ad vendors to work with.

    However, the good news, you only need a few trustworthy ones to make a great living.

    I currently work with 8 vendors. Most people work with 3-5.

    A word of advice: only work with vendors who got testimonials and recommendations, avoid taking leaps of faith with people who aren't proven to deliver. I did in the past and got burned many times.

    Just my 2 cents...


  5. Hi James,

    Recommended and proven solo add sellers are realy important. Prior research would help.
    The most important is product that will be noticed by consumer. High quality product will provide traffic.
    As you said James our goal is helping people to solve their problems with offer that is placed on sales page that meets requirements and standards. So, each detail in sales funnel is important for business success.
    Thanks for great article James.

  6. nice depth thing for sure.
    today it has changed in the year 2018.
    now people have more trust in solo ads
    thanks to igor, soloadsx, rocksolidtraffic etc.

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