James FrancisHey - I'm James Francis, the Founder & CEO of Digital Prosperity. Nice to meet you!

Through our training programs, we currently help tens of thousands of people from all over the world turn their knowledge and expertise into a successful online information marketing business while living their perfect lifestyle - and I make a cool six figures per year doing the same things myself.

Whether you're a coach, consultant, expert, or just an average person who'd like to turn their passion into profits, I can help you cut the crap and follow a proven system to achieve your goals, just like I've done for my other clients and customers.

But I wasn't always in this ideal situation...

When I started my online business at the age of 18, I was studying topics I hated at college all day and working a minimum-wage job at a local supermarket on the evenings.

(Stacking shelves with bread is exactly as boring as it sounds!)

Desperate to find a way out and create a better life for myself, I began researching the true ways to become successful with an online business.

It took me over two years to sift through all the lies and misinformation, then after much trial and error, I finally had a working system which provided a dependable monthly profit from selling digital information products (e.g. video courses, e-books, software, coaching programs, and similar) to people who needed them.

Once that moment came, my life changed forever - and the rest is history. That's when Digital Prosperity was born.

Our driving force is to make a difference to other people's lives.

In fact, it's so important to us that we've integrated it into our company ethos...

Mission Statement:

To mentor our customers to succeed selling digital products and services in their online business, while living their ideal lifestyle.

Vision Statement:

Our 5 year vision is to inspire, teach and help 1,000 entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom by selling digital products in their online business while living their ideal lifestyle. We aim to provide a high quality service that goes above and beyond our customers' expectations and we endeavor to do so with integrity and trust.

Core Values:

  • Help, support, and respect our customers to the highest standards.
  • Improve yourself and your skills every day.
  • Be positive, resilient and optimistic.
  • Support your team and collaborate with them.
  • Make decisions and be accountable to them.
  • Empower and inspire people to make positive changes.
  • Celebrate the victories, regardless of size.
  • Know the reasons why.
  • Always show integrity.

The foundation of all of this is focused on one simple principle...


“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
- Zig Ziglar


That's why you'll always see us over-delivering by providing massive value in our training, using a step-by-step teaching method without anything left out.

The secret to my success (and to yours)?

Find a proven system, implement it to the very end while ignoring all distractions, reap the profits, then scale up.

Your success is closer than ever before.

To your success!

J. Francis

James Francis.

Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.