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A Tale Of Struggle & Victory

Over the last week, my wife and I took a much-needed vacation to Weymouth in the south of England.

Having worked hard on renovating our new house for what seems like forever, it was great to finally put our feet up and see some interesting sights.

One of those sights was a 14th-century chapel at the top of a pretty big hill...

14th-Century Chapel At The Top Of The Hill
What A Climb!

We had to stop a few times, but we eventually got to the top!

Here's what this has to do with YOUR success with your online business...

At the beginning of your own journey, it can seem daunting when you think about all the hard work ahead of you.

Yes, you'll have to decide on your niche, choose or create a product to sell, create a sales funnel to convert your prospects into sales, write a follow-up sequence to persuade the "fence sitters", drive high-quality traffic, and so on.

Yes, at times you'll find yourself with your head in your hands and wondering how on Earth the other successful people do it.

But at the end of setting up these necessary foundations in your business, the reward is SO worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

Just like the reward of climbing that big hill to see inside the 14th-century chapel - and the views behind it!

What A View!
What A View!

In terms of your business, this means:

  • Not living from paycheck to paycheck
  • Being your own boss and living under your own rules
  • Spending more time with your family and watching your kids grow up
  • And maybe even having a legacy to leave behind!

Hopefully you'll agree it's a pretty small sacrifice for a life-changing gain.

If someone asked me, "James, was all of the hard work worth it?", I'd have to say a thousand times over. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

So although times will be tough, always remind yourself of your end goals and let the outcome motivate you forwards to victory.

There's also a second analogy I can make from this which may help you, too...

To reach the top, we could have walked "as the crow flies", directly up some very steep sections of the hill...

... Or, we could have followed the path which was more of a gentle incline - but it meant going the LONG way and tripling the time it would take to reach the top.

In your business, you have the same choice in front of you.

If you take the path that everyone else takes, it'll take you much longer to achieve your goals. You'll become frustrated by how your goals seem to hover in the distance but don't seem to get any closer. You may even get lost along the way and have to double-back on yourself.

But if you take the steeper and more intense route, it means you reach your goal a lot faster and have less chance of getting lost along the way.

You feel like you're flying by the seat of your pants, but it always means you get to your end goal in a much faster time with less overall struggle.

Personally, I took the more intense route for both the walk to the top of the hill and in my business.

Yes, it was difficult.

But if I didn't, I'd probably still be moaning about how everyone else is "luckier than me" on a forum somewhere, and I certainly wouldn't be living my dreams right now.

So you could say it was the best decision I ever made.

If you'd like to take the faster route, I may be able to help you here.

Speak to you soon,
- James Francis.

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  1. Hi James
    What a great way to make a point. Was away last week for 2 day's on a course to help me
    break my mind set so am now back and found a new lese of life.
    Thanks for sharing ..............

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