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A Day In The Life Of A Quarantined 7 Figure Online Entrepreneur

How has the life of a seven figure online entrepreneur changed since quarantine began? Follow along with me in for an entire day in the video below and find out!

Although quarantine has affected us all, life still goes on and you always have the make the most of the hand you're dealt. For me, this involves structuring my day in a way that allows me to accomplish as much as possible in my 7 figure online business while still enjoying my everyday life.

You'll see my morning routine, how I stay sharp during the whole day, how I get my "reactive" work out of the way before lunch, then get more "growth" work done in 3 hours than most people get done in 3 days, and finally how I unwind on the evening while staying home.

Watch the video above to see everything, then leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Stay safe!
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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6 Responses

  1. Many thanks for the video presentation and the information regarding your situation during the Virus situation, so far.
    My wife and I have both been quite ill for the last seven weeks but, happily, we are recovering slowly and had hoped to be free from our restricted life-style. Unfortunately, yesterday, our local hospital department responsible for virus care and treatment, particularly for older people, telephoned to tell us we had to continue our lockout until 30th June. That was quite a surprise, especially as that date coincides with our wedding anniversary. At least we are still in their care and that comforts both of us.
    Thankyou again. Best regards, Derek and Sheila Marsh

  2. Thankyou, once again, James. We seem to have 'known' each other for ages and every time I have felt able to get into what is required for being involved with Digital Prosperity, I am never able to commit. I am still very interested and I hope to be able to make that commitment very soon. I will have to get some advise what to do to begin with but not today!! Cheers and many thanks. Regards - Derek Marsh

  3. Hello James,
    Thanks so much for opening up your day for us to see! My wife works at the hospital, and my work is considered essential (though much of it was able to be done from home). I don’t think the vast majority of people took any precautions (even here near Seattle). During a weekly trip out for essentials I have a mask, gloves, safety glasses, long sleeves. I found most stores at maybe at 70 to 80 capacity and early on I was the only one with a mask and one of a few with gloves. Because of that, the new cases curve hasn’t flattened, and we will also have the quarantine extended into June.
    All the best to you and your family!! Maybe sometime we could chat Keto and shoulder exercises. Ha!

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