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5 Reasons Why Working From Home Is Awesome

With everyone in quarantine right now, I'm sure we're all experiencing the highs and the lows of working from home.

Fortunately I've been working from home for the last 12 years.

So as we all need a little laughter right now, here are the 5 reasons why working from home is awesome!

Comment below with your thoughts!

Speak soon,
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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14 Responses

  1. Over and above all of these, I like to work at home as I can scale my business however I like.

    For taxes, I can write-off many expenses that I wouldn't be able to do if I worked full-time so at the end of the year, I have more $'s in my pocket that I turn around and invest in my own business as well as other assets to enable financial freedom.

    1. You can use social media, but you'd end up limiting your profit to around 1% of what you could be earning with your own website. There's no need to do that when it's so easy to set up your own website nowadays, when you use the correct methods. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I like it even more because you are doing it for me. No more office attire, high heeled shoes, answering 7 phone lines. Paying 13 people every two weeks, and no more big bonuses at end of year!

  3. I especially appreciate that I can grow my beard! Haha! Seriously, after decades of commuting hours back and forth to work, I love my commute! It's even shorter than yours, James!
    Great video! A fun reminder that working at home is THE BEST!
    Thanks, James!

  4. I really wish I could produce a website for my little craft activity - but I doubt it would be worth it in the long run. As things are at the moment with the virus and other things, and the fact that I am just about recovered from the jolly thing myself, I have not the energy or interest to do what needs doing. I know that sounds really defeatish but I need a bomb up my rear wish a short fuse.
    Thanks for listening - if you have. Derek.

    1. The key here is not having "the energy or interest to do what needs doing". Find something that gives you energy and gets you motivated - whether it's taking a drive through a nice neighborhood to look at the incredible houses, doing some exercise, watching motivational clips on YouTube or whatever gets you motivated. It needs to come from within.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  5. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for not demonstrating going to work naked.
    I would never be able to un-see that image.
    Always fun to see your old videos.
    Stay safe.

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