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5 Reasons To Create Your Own Product Today

When you’re just starting out in the information marketing industry, it’s easy to gain a weird taboo that creating your own product is “technical”, “difficult”, or that it requires you to be some kind of “seasoned expert” at what you do.

But I can assure you, that is simply not the case.

(Heck, you can write a short e-book over the course of a weekend with nothing but your own experiences – no matter how small.)

If you continue to have this self-limiting belief that creating your own products is something you simply can’t do, and sticking to affiliate marketing for all your life is your only possible path – your business (and your income) will suffer greatly because of it.

Can you imagine walking into a hardware store, only for the shop clerk to hand you a bunch of business cards for other businesses?

I can guarantee they wouldn’t stay in business for very long!

… And having an online business is no exception.

Now don’t get me wrong – affiliate marketing is amazing (and is how I make around 40% of my income!).

But the REAL magic happens when you have your own product.

Plus you can still do affiliate marketing ALONGSIDE earning money from your own products, which is what I do

But the question remains – why should you create your own products?

Hopefully these reasons will give you a few “ah-ha!” moments…

1) You Control The Product

When you’re promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, you don’t control the quality of the product – or anything about it!

It could have the best sales pitch in the world, but the product itself could be pretty terrible – causing your customers to see you in a negative light for recommending it to them, possibly meaning they’ll never purchase from you again.

Sure, you could purchase the product yourself or ask the product owner for a preview – but you can’t realistically buy everything you promote (especially in the beginning stages), and most of the time, you’re lucky to get a reply from them.

However – with your own product, the content, the sales pitch, the style, the topic… everything is under your control – so you KNOW it only contains high quality content, and that your customers will love you for it.

This means you can match the product to exactly what the market wants, and build a long-term reputation for helping people out.

(No more complaints or high refund rates!)

2) More Customers

When you’re building your email list using a squeeze page offering a free gift, only a small percentage of those subscribers will actually go through to buy something.

That means you have the majority of your list who are “non-customers” and will never take action on anything or get you any kind of results – who you’re paying for every month to keep on your list!

But with your own product, you are effectively funnelling new customers onto your list on a daily basis.

Not only from your own promotions, but from the efforts of your affiliates, too!

And a common rule of business is that once a customer has bought something from you once, there’s a very high chance they’ll buy from you again and again (assuming they had a positive experience through the buying process).

So your profits go up – not only from existing customers buying other products of yours (which happens very often if you have good products), but also from your own affiliate promotions too.

That’s why all the top affiliates (or “super affiliates”) out there all have their own products – because their lists are usually filled with responsive customers who buy repeatedly, because they trust the person recommending the products to them.

3) More Subscribers

Not only do you gain customers from your product’s sales page, but you also gain a ton of new subscribers.

An “average” conversion rate for a $7 product is around 5%…

… That means there’s 95% of your traffic which is being lost.

So instead of losing them, put an Exit Popup on your sales page leading to your squeeze page, offering them a free gift in exchange for opting into your email list.

Often I get between 20-30% of people who see the exit popup message opt-in to my email list this way.

That means for every 1000 visitors my affiliates send me, approximately 200-300 subscribers are added to my list – all for doing nothing!

(Plus I get to follow-up with my new prospects to make my affiliates even more money too)

Here’s a real-life example in action.

Pretty cool, considering I would have previously never saw those people again for a while (or even ever)!

4) Authority Status

Another great thing about having your own product is immediate expert (or “authority”) status. It really sets you aside from the other 80% of the population of affiliate marketers.

The truth is, most people still have this self-limiting belief that creating your own product is “difficult” or requires you to have a ton of expertise in your industry – so this is often used to your advantage.

I.e. “Wow, Joe Bloggs has created a ton of products – he must really know his stuff!”

This often means you get more leverage in terms of affiliate promotions (higher commission %), more access to other experts, and generally a better business experience overall.

Try it out, and you’ll see what I mean 😉

5) Autopilot Income

Possibly the best thing about having your own product is the money you can make on “autopilot”, or “in your sleep”.

And although these terms are often associated with scammy “just one-click and your bank account will overflow with cash” products (because that’s usually the terminology which they use) – this really is the case.

If you can get even one affiliate to promote your product for you (in exchange for a set commission of all sales they make), you’re going to earn money on the remaining commission percentage which they didn’t earn.

For example, most affiliate programs give 50% commissions on all referred sales.

That means you gain the OTHER 50% without having to do anything (except creating the product originally)!

If these 5 reasons aren’t getting you excited, I don’t know what will.

But my income has saw a massive increase since I started to create my own products around 2 years ago, which I would have never gained from affiliate marketing on its own.

So here’s what I want you to do next…

Write down 3 things you’re currently good at.

Next, take just ONE of those things and brainstorm how you can make your experiences and knowledge into a product of your own – and how you can change other people’s lives with it.

It could be an e-book, a video course (nothing fancy), or even just a paid newsletter!

It doesn’t need to be “perfect” or the “best on the market” – just get it
out there.

Just be sure to give as much value as possible and genuinely try to help people out – the marketing will be easier this way.

So get it online, and I can guarantee you’ll be hooked for life.

Talk soon!
- James.

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