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5 Lessons Learned From A 4-Week Vacation

My coaching clients will know that I just spent the last 4 weeks in Rimini, Italy for some much-needed relaxation.

Photo Of Our Roof TerraceBest of all, I didn't need to ask for anyone's "permission" or spend every day glued to my laptop...

Instead, my wife and I enjoyed our apartment and roof terrace (pictured on the right) in the beautiful weather, with the best food we've ever tasted.

But during this time, I learned 5 important lessons about running an online business on near-autopilot...

1) It's not all fun and games

Even when on vacation, I still had to dedicate 30 minutes per day to answering my clients' questions (as that's what they pay for!) and replying to emails from my staff.

But this isn't all bad, as I actually enjoy doing it - especially when it opens the doors to better things in life, like going on long vacations.

So don't think "automation" means abandoning everything forever, as you'll still have to do a little maintenance to keep things ticking over. However it won't really feel like "work" if you set up your business correctly.

2) Too busy? It's all about incremental action

When I had a small period of spare time in the morning or after we returned to the apartment in the afternoon, I'd spend the time making incremental changes to my business.

I could have said, "there's too much to do!" and done nothing.

BUT because I took action - no matter how little time I had - I still managed to make massive progress in my business (i.e. I doubled the amount of targeted leads I receive per day for the same advertising spend).

So whatever time you have available, make the most of it and continue heading in the right direction. Those small steps will soon become a giant leap (for mankind?).

3) Continuity is a must-have

Without sounding like a douchebag, some days I'd wake up and see more money in my PayPal account than most people make in a month at their job. But this was only possible because I had a monthly continuity program in place, where people pay me a monthly fee for access to premium content.

So if you'd like to have a stable and reliable income in your business, be sure to create a program which gives your customers the opportunity to pay you each and every month (while you provide value to them in return).

4) It's not just about how much profit you make, but how much you keep

You've probably seen big numbers being thrown around the place every day of your online business "journey" so far...

But usually, those numbers are just there to inflate the person's ego and to look great on the surface to their prospects. If you ask them what they actually do with their money, they'll often go quiet or avoid the question.

Personally I'd rather keep as much of the profit as possible by NOT relying on affiliates (who take more than 50% of your profits) and product launches (which tire you out and aren't reliable), and instead focus on being in control of our own traffic with paid advertising.

If you can get more than a 200% ROI within 30 days or less because your sales funnel converts prospects into customers effectively, you win the game.

5) Relaxation is good for the soul

If you're working all the hours in the day and feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to get done, there's nothing more productive than taking a small break. Here's why...

Before going away on vacation, I was pretty stressed with all the new elements I wanted to implement into my business (especially as we recently doubled our monthly income to $30k in just 3 months).

But removing myself from the situation for a while also removed the temporary stress and anxiety, and reminded me that life is here to be enjoyed.

So once you've achieved some kind of success, give yourself permission to actually enjoy that success.

Now it's back to the grind to achieve our goal of $100k per month by helping more people (that's you!) than ever before - while enjoying life in the process 🙂

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi James,

    I never thought about what you said about how many marketers are giving most of their profits away to affiliates as a drawback, before. They say they do it because making more sales is better in the long run because it builds their list. But I can see your point.

    I am following your six figure shortcut training and everything else you've sent me. Great advice and teaching!

    Thanks James!


  2. Awesome stuff James sounds like you enjoyed à much needed vacation...

    I agree wé all need to step away from time to time to smell thé roses.

    Lifes all about balance and enjoying yourself when time allows.

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