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4 Important Things I've Learnt From My Online Business

Over the years, you learn a heck of a lot from running an online business – and everything else in general.

However, I was laying awake last night and I asked myself, "what are the most important things I've learnt over the years which have made the biggest difference?"

Here's what I came up with...

1) Treat People Well, And They’ll Treat You Awesomely Too

It sounds like common sense, but you’ll be amazed at the amount of people who forget this simple rule.

Pitching affiliate links for crappy products all day long might make you the odd sale or two now and again.

But in the process, you’re killing the trust that your subscribers and visitors had for you in the first place.

… And that trust is not only irreplaceable, but it’ll also earn you that dream lifestyle you’re striving for, with much less effort.

2) List Building Is Everything

Picture this – you’re working day and night to get every bit of traffic you can find to your website to hopefully make a sale.

If people buy, then great!

But most of the time, they don’t – and then your hard-earned traffic is lost forever.

… And the cycle continues.

I see this time and time again (and don’t worry, I was a victim of this too), but as soon as I started building a list, my income skyrocketed.

Not only can you follow up with your prospects to make money from your own products, but you can also follow up with them about related affiliate offers (which will actually help them out) for as along as they’re subscribed to your list.

So in short, you really need to build a list of subscribers in your niche.

And if you haven’t started already, what are you waiting for?

3) Relationships Are Also Everything

When I first started out online, things were pretty lonely (and the chances are, they may be lonely for you right now).

But after a few months or so of getting started, I started meeting people doing the exact same thing as I was, with the exact same goal.

I was always browsing MySpace (which was cool back then!), Twitter, Facebook, The Warrior Forum and other marketing forums…

… You name it, I was there.

And the sole purpose was to meet people who shared the same interests and even to help each other out.

Now most people would consider these people to be “competitors”, but I prefer to call them “friends”.

If you’re trying to do things as a one-man (or woman) army, you’re going to have a harder time than you should.

Once these relationships are formed, you’ll not only be able to stay ahead of the pack with the latest techniques for making money online, but you’ll also benefit from their efforts too…

When your next product launch comes about, guess who you’ll ask first to promote it for you?

Not only that, but if you have a problem, guess who you can ask to help solve it?

These are just a few of the many benefits of being close to similar people in your niche.

And I believe in this so much, that I’ve just created a mastermind group with some of my closest friends.

4) When Things Look Bleak, Success Is Just Around The Corner

Let’s not kid around here… Things don’t always go according to plan.

Especially when you’re just starting to get your feet off the ground, you won’t make any income whatsoever in some weeks – it’s just the way it goes.

… And most of the time it’s damn frustrating.

But my message is not to be discouraged.

I know how hard it is – in fact I’ve been there too. Nobody gets rich overnight.

But even in the worst of times, you need to be determined to succeed, as we all start out in the same place. And if I can do it, you can too.

Just hold on, stand your ground, and keep laser focused towards your goal.

That’s the way to succeed.

Talk soon!
- James.

P.S. What have you learnt from your experiences in Internet Marketing so far? Leave a comment below…

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