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3 Steps To Online Success

Today I want to address something which really eats into people’s success, and stops them from taking ANY action whatsoever.

(… Maybe it’s done the same to you!)

Yep – it’s a little something called “Information Overload”.

You know when you can’t concentrate because there are so many programs, so many methods and so many aspects to making money online that you just can’t concentrate on all of them at the same time?

… That’s information overload.

The truth is, it DOES get difficult sometimes (I’ve been there!), but there’s always a way out.

In fact, over the years I’ve been making money online, I’ve narrowed everything down to just 3 critical aspects that you MUST DO (or have) to make a consistent income online – and most importantly, your first $1000.

So just follow these three steps to the tee, and you’ll be sure to succeed in no time:

1) A Website

Whatever you hear people say in their sales pitches, you ALWAYS need a website to make long term cash online.

Yeah sure, you could probably make your first $1000 online without your own website, but I’ll bet that income stream won’t last for very long.

(And if you’re still in doubt – how many successful internet marketing “gurus” do you know who don’t have at LEAST one website of their own?)

So if you don’t have one already – go ahead and get a domain name and hosting right away, and start setting up your website.

And if you’re not exactly sure HOW to get one (or what to do with it), this program shows you everything.

Regardless of this, you also need…

2) A List Of Subscribers & Customers

I’m sorry, but you’ve gotta hear it again – “the money is in the list!”

Without a mailing list, you absolutely *WILL NOT* get very far in Internet Marketing – especially if you’re in the Internet Marketing niche itself.

Again, how many successful Internet Marketing “gurus” do you see without a mailing list?

Answer: None of them.

But WITH a list, everything becomes a lot easier.

It’s easier to get repeat customers.

It’s easier to get instant traffic.

It’s easier to build relationships with your subscribers.

Start building a list of loyal subscribers right away, and you’ll soon see the benefits.

3) Determination

However much people sugar-coat their own or other people’s successes, succeeding overnight DOES NOT happen.

I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

And you’re wasting your own time if you think otherwise.

Unless you have:

  1. The right information
  2. Some money to invest in your success
  3. The determination to put in the ‘grunt work’ and succeed

… things will be immensely difficult to make ANY money online.

So here’s what you need to do:

Step #1 – Get A Website
Step #2 – Build A List
Step #3 – Send relevant offers and valuable content to your subscribers which will actually help them to achieve their end goal.

That’s all you need to do.

No “loopholes”.

No “siphons”.

No BS.

Just do it, and you’ll soon see results 🙂

Talk soon!
- James.

P.S. These are the 3 main things, but what do you think the other smaller things you need are? Leave a comment below!

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