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3 Crucial Tips For Finding The Most Profitable Solo Ads

Since the beginning of January this year, I’ve bought a total of 15,050 clicks from over 52 different solo ad sellers.

And from this process, I’ve not only built my email list to a massive level, but I’ve also learned how to ensure you get the best quality traffic available.

It’s all down to asking the right questions and making the right observations before you purchase from people, and I’ve found the following 3 tips to be the “holy grail” to sort the best from the rest…

Tip #1 – Ask For Testimonials

If they don’t have any testimonials, there’s a good chance they’re either brand new, or that they’ve screwed people over in the past and thus haven’t been given an ounce of positive feedback from anyone whatsoever. Usually it’s the first reason, but sometimes it’s evidently the second.

So before you ask anything else, always ask the golden question – “do you have any testimonials?”

If they do, check them out.

And no… 99.9% of solo ad sellers don’t fake their testimonials, as the solo ad selling industry is so closely-knit that the original marketer would find out very quickly.

As long as the previous customers are happy with the solo ad and are stating good results, you can move onto the next question…

Tip #2 – Do A Quick Reality Check

These should be pretty obvious to you, but sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in the conversation and forget to look for the obvious signs…

Firstly, if they don’t have their second name or photo shown on their Skype profile, ask yourself – why is that? Are they hiding something? Do they possibly want a lack of accountability for their negative actions?

A brand new student of mine found this out the hard way when he bought a solo ad from a guy named “Oliver”, without any kind of last name listed in his Skype profile. Not only did he fail to send the traffic until a week after he promised to, but he also sent extremely low quality traffic, resulting in my student getting just 1 subscriber from over 200 clicks (with the average being 35 subscribers for every 100 clicks).

Also, a quick Google search sometimes comes in handy. It only takes 3 seconds to Google search their name, and sometimes you could save yourself making a huge mistake.

Lastly, like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for. So if their prices are extremely low, you’ll usually get extremely low results.

This doesn’t always work the other way around, however, as some solo ad sellers will inflate their prices above $0.60 per click just to give the perception of extra quality.

For these reasons, it’s usually best to pay anywhere between $0.35 and $0.55 per click.

So be wary, and be careful!

Tip #3 – Ask When They Can Start Sending The Traffic

Usually the solo ad sellers with the best quality traffic are fully booked by other people for a number of weeks – but there’s an extent to which you should wait, as your hard-earned money may be sitting in their PayPal account doing nothing for much longer than necessary.

And when it’s just sitting there, it’s not making you any return on investment (“ROI”) for a fairly long time.

Instead, the faster your solo ad can be sent out, the better – so always ask people, “when can you send out?”

If it’s any longer than 5 days away, I usually politely decline and buy from someone else (as there’s never a shortage of people to buy from!)

This quick turnaround means you’ll make the most of your investment in the quickest time possible, allowing you to re-invest the cash you make back into more solo ads in a much quicker timeframe.

With all the above said, these are just precautions which rarely throw anything up – as most solo ad sellers in the industry are reputable, trustable and are aching to get you some great results (as after all, if you’re happy, it means another repeat customer for them!).

The key is just to have your wits about you, as unfortunately some people in the world aren’t always as helpful.

My final piece of advice is simple… Just get started as soon as you can! 🙂

Talk soon,
- James Francis.

P.S. Got any questions or experiences you’d like to share? Simply use the comments section below…

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